Our Story11

Lashawn Janae is a Charlotte based luxury clothing brand that focuses on creating fashion that produces confidence and embracing one's uniqueness. Founded by designer Dominique Striker, our designs are created to offer functionality, comfortability, and versatility, all while looking runway ready! Perfect for those who wear many hats, are always on the go, and believes being fashionable is a must.



Dominique was inspired to design and create clothing while in college. As a lover of fashion and a stylist she found it hard to find the unique designs she saw in her head. She also had a hard time finding clothing that complimented her body shape. So she decided she would just create the clothes herself. She whipped out a sewing machine and taught herself to sew, years later she launched Lashawn Janae (est 2018). 

Dominique found that kimono dusters are very versatile, they leave plenty of room for creativity, and they give off a sexy, lux, and "I am about my business" vibe. So today many of her designs are inspired from this idea. She believes a kimono is like our cape. You put it on and you feel you can save the entire world.

You can find the designs Dominique handmakes under the LJ Exclusive category HERE.